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The Student-Account is automatically created for every student of the University of Cologne after the enrolment und just has to be activated. This account is obligatory for the registration for events on KLIPS 2.0 and gives you an access to the internet services of the University of Cologne (an overview of all services can be found on the Website of the RRZK).

The name of the account consists of the first letter of your name and your complete surname. In cases, the surname is shortened or a number is added (e.g. Max Mustermann has the account-name: mmusterm3). 

How do I activate my Student-Account?

The activation is conducted online after the enrolment with your matriculation number and a PIN. Every student has to do this by himself and it works like this:

At latest one day after the enrolment the university sends you a mail containing the PIN and explaining how to activate the Student-Account.

Attention: The mail for the activation of the account is sent from the 20th of July at the earliest (for the winter semester) or from the 20th of January (for the summer semester). 



Every student has a student E-Mail-Account. The mail-address consists of the name of the Student-Account and the ending "" (e.g. Max Mustermann has the mail-address:


Access to the E-Mail-Account

Via Webmail you access your Mail-Account. Furthermore, it also contains a calendar, an address book that can be used as well as tasks and notes that can be created. 

The Mail-Account can also be accessed by the most common mail-programs and -apps (e.g. Outlook, Apple Mail App). More detailled information regarding the installation of the student Mail-Account in the common programs and apps can be found on the Website of the RRZK

E-Mail-Forwarding und out-of-office message

As the use of the student mail-address is obligatory for the communication within the university, but the Webmail-program is not really impressive, an E-Mail-Forwarding is recommended. 

Moreover, if you are absent, you can also create an out-of-office message, which is automatically sent to everybody who tries to contact you. 

Both settings can be customized via the Mailportal (not via Webmail!). Detailled instructions can be found on the Website of the RRZK.