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The registration for the modules is not oriented to the enrollment phases of KLIPS. Many dates are set late, so you cannot register directly. So do not be surprised if you cannot (yet) register for all courses. You will be informed in time by the course coordinator and the student council if you are registered in the mailing lists. You can also find up-to-date information on the website of the study program.


Which modules can I select?

An overview of all courses that are offered in the Master program can be found on the website of the study program

There is some information to consider:

  • Individual modules can be space-limited for different reasons. Which modules are space-limited, will be known as soon as the selection of the modules is possible. 
  • Retinal Immunology and Gene Regulation (AM-7) and Quantitative Microscopy (AM-15) take place both in winter and summer semester. 
  • Animal Models in Neuroscientific Research (AM-7) consists of one part in the winter semester (seminar) and one part in the summer semester (practice part): Both parts have to be selected in order to get 9CP. Usually, it overlaps with 12CP courses in the summer term!
  • Clinical Neuroscience I (AM-11) and Clinical Neuroscience II (AM-11) are independent from each other, meaning that it does not matter which module is selected first.
  • To select the module (AM-4) "Neural Function II", you have to select AM-2 "Neural Function I" before!
  • To select the Seminar (AM-15(c)) of the module "Neurobiology: Genes, Circuits, and Behavior", you have to select the lecture (AM-16(a)) as well! That means you can select the lecture without the seminar but not the seminar without the lecture!

Selection of modules, Master

Each advanced module is defined by three factors: Course typeexamination type and CP. The courses are assigned to the modules according to the parameters. Since there are courses with the same factors, which are accordingly assigned to the same advanced module, there are sub slides for each advanced module (advanced module 8, sub slide "Advanced module 8a", sub slide "Advanced module 8b", sub slide "Advanced module 8c"...) 

Clinical Neuroscience I has a lecture and practice part as course types and a presentation as examination and it counts 6 CP. It is anchored in Advanced Module 11.
Molecular Neuroimmunology also has a lecture, a practice part, a presentation and 6 CP and is therefore anchored in Advanced Module 11.
In order to be able to take both modules, you have to select them in two different sub slides: for example Molecular Neuroimmunology in 11a and Clinical Neuroscience I in 11b. 
It is also important to remember that courses always consist of several course parts. In Clinical Neuroscience I, it is a lecture and a practice part. You have to select both in Klips. And both in the same sub slide! 

You can occupy each sub slide only once! For students in the first semester, all sub slides are still free. The students of the higher semesters have to consider, whether particular sub slides have already been selected. If students of the higher semesters have already taken 8a, then please take a sub slide that is free, e.g. 8b. Therefore, we recommend to select courses in the sub slide according to the listing on the website of the study program! For example, "Neuroethics" in sub slide AM-8b and "Clinical Neuroscience II" in sub slide AM-11c.


How do I select space-limited modules?

Space-limited modules are selected manually via Mr. Delonge (samir.delonge(at)!

This means that you have to send Mr. Delonge a mail during the registration period (will be announced via mail or on the website of the Neuroscience study programs), where you list the space-limited modules (only these! For the selection of non-space limited modules please read the paragraph above) that you want to select this semester. 

Write your name, your semester and your matriculation number in the mail. Additionally, you need to write, in which sub slide the modules should be selected!

Regarding space-limited modules students of the higher semesters have priority. If the students are in the same semester, it is decided by lot. As soon as the registration period ends, you receive a mail with the information which modules you got. 

How do I select non-space limited Modules?

All non-space limited modules are selected via Klips 2.0!

The easiest way to select modules in KLIPS 2.0:

  • Log in to KLIPS and select "Registration status" in the column "Studies". 
  • Click on "Experimental and Clinical Neuroscience“ or on the corresponding schedule-number and a page will open up containing a list with all the modules. 
  • Click on "advanced modules" and a tree with the sub slides of the advanced modules will open up. 
  • Consider in which sub slide you want to select a course (e.g. sub slide 11a for Clinical Neuroscience II) and click on this sub slide. The tree opens up further and the course types can be seen (in case of Clinical Neuroscience II: lecture and practice). 
  • Click on "lecture" as well as "practice" and the concrete courses can be seen.  
  • Click on the courses to open up a page with all the important details about them. In the right upper corner of this page there is the link "Course Registration": Here you can register for the course with a few clicks (we cannot describe the following process anymore, as we cannot look into it). 
  • Consider to select all the courses of a module! It means in case of Clinical Neuroscience II that you have to select both the lecture as well as the practice in one sub slide

After the successful registration the course should be listed on KLIPS in the tab "Course Registration" which is located in the column "Studies".