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Master "Experimental and Clinical Neuroscience"

The master's program qualifies students for positions in undergraduate teaching, in research areas of the pharmaceutical industry or academic institutions and institutes, in scientific publishing, and in coordinative activities of neuroscientific organizations. It also qualifies students to pursue doctoral studies in the natural sciences.

It is an interdisciplinary curriculum consisting exclusively of elective courses that you can take yourself - depending on the semester. You can read about the exact procedure for taking modules in the first semester information. Courses are offered by both the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, which gives you the opportunity to specialize in different directions. Similar to the Bachelor's program, the Master's program also has a high practical component. All courses aim to combine theoretical basic knowledge with application-oriented and practical exercises. In addition to these courses, there are also two Supplementary Modules in the form of Project Works. These are usually six-week internships each, which are concluded with a project report. They are intended to provide an insight into scientific work and the implementation of the skills learned in a practical context. Last but not least, the master concludes with a Master Thesis. Both the project work and the master's thesis can be completed outside of Cologne or even abroad.