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Meeting of the Student Council

We try to hold the meetings in presence again. Since the office of the Student Council is not yet usable, the meetings will take place at the KISS (Joseph-Stelzmann-Str. 9a, 50931 Cologne). The exact room will be announced in advance via our information channels (WhatsApp, mailing list). Depending on the pandemic situation or urgency, meetings may be held unscheduled via Zoom.

The student council meets at every first Thursday of the month at 6pm to discuss and clarify important issues. For this purpose, we always set an agenda in advance, which is communicated with the invitation to the meeting. Each student can suggest additional items to be discussed at the meeting.

The meetings are always open to all Neuroscience students. So everybody is allowed to come and bring up his or her concerns, but also just to listen to what we are discussing. Every participant is also allowed to have a say in our decisions from the beginning and to participate in discussions.

An overview of all meeting dates can be found here.

Minutes of meeting

Minutes are taken at the end of each student council meeting. This helps to record decisions made and to understand discussions that have already taken place. If you are interested in what we are talking about or if you cannot attend a meeting, you can read everything important in our minutes.