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We are pleased to welcome the following presenters for a poster presentation on October, 30th:

Selma Aghabashlou Saisan

Titel: Expression analysis of potential targets for checkpoint inhibition in glioma

Research group: Experimental Neurosurgery and Neurooncology

Institute: Department of Neurosurgery, University Hospital Cologne


Emilia Ehritt

Titel: Production of adeno-associated viruses

Research Group: Translational Pain Research

Institute: Department of Anaesthesiology, University Hospital Cologne


Pierre Hofmann

Title: Exploring the effect of Parkin KO in a parkinson mouse model with no motor phenotype

Institute: Institute of vegetative Physiology, University of Cologne


Thorben Greve

Titel: Larvaworld - a behavioral analysis and stimulation platform for Drosophila larva

Research group: Computational Systems Neuroscience

Institute: Institute of Zoology, University of Cologne