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The Computing Center (RRZK) is a central institution of the University of Cologne and offers technical support as well as many useful IT-services for members of the university. Many of these services can be very helpful for your studies, which is why we want to introduce you some of them here. Consider that you need a valid student-account to be able to use these services!


Online-Data storage

The RRZK offers various opportunities to store data online. Many of these services are similar to Dropbox and have the advantage that the data are only located on university-internal servers. So, the data cannot be accessed by third or only by members of the university. The most recommended services are SoFS-Onlinestorage and Sciebo. It is also worth it to check other services from the area "Data: Storage and Share".


Members of the university may buy certain softwares for reduced prices or even download them for free via the Softwareshop of the RRZK. 

Among other services students can use Microsoft Office and Windows Updates via Bildung365 for 4,99€ per year. More information about Office and Bildung365 can be found on the Website of the RRZK

Course offers

At the RRZK computer courses take place in regular intervals where knowledge about programs, programming etc. is taught. These courses are very popular and rapidly booked up. Alternatively, you can create an account on LinkedIn Learning where you can watch similar tutorials. 


Beyond that there are more helpful services of the RRZK. So, just have a look at the website of the RRZK!