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Firstsemester event

All beginnings are difficult...that's why the student council organizes a firstsemester event at the beginning of the semester. The aim is to clarify open questions, to get to know the campus and the city, but above all to get to know the other students. We will inform you about the date of the event and other important things for your first semester via our mailing list and our WhatsApp group. More information about the start of the first semester can be found here.


  • We will start in the morning with an info session by Prof. Vogeley (head of the study program) and Mr. Delonge (advisor to the head of the study program & first contact person for questions)
  • Afterwards there will be a campus tour, during which we will show you the most important places and buildings
  • Around noon we will have lunch together in the cafeteria and you can already enjoy the culinary delights
  • Afterwards, the real fun begins: our well-known traditional city rallye! At this point we don't want to give away too much, so let us surprise you ;-)
  • In the evening we will end the day in a brewery with a few glasses of Kölsch
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