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This year we welcome to our symposium:

Michela Barboni

Position: Doktorandin

Institute: University Clinic, Bonn University, Germany

About me:

"I'm a Ph.D. student at Universitätsklinikum Bonn, specializing in genetic epilepsy. My research delves into the intricate relationship between genetic mutation, brain development, and the onset of epilepsy. To unravel these mysteries, I employ cutting-edge techniques like patch-clamp and iontophoresis. If you have questions about these methods or are curious about my personal journey, let's connect and discuss. I'm here to share and chat. Looking forward to our interaction!"


Dr. Carina Oehrn

Position: Post-Doc

Institute: University of California, San Francisco, USA & Cognitive Neurophysiology, Clinic for Neurology, University Hospital Marburg Gießen

My research:

Andre Haubrich

Position: Doktorand

Institut: Institut für experimentelle Epileptologie und Kognitionsforschung, Life & Brain Bonn

About André:

"I am Ph.D. student in systems neuroscience in a research lab in the university clinic Bonn. In my research project, I am interested in how precise memories are formed and which neuronal processes, brain regions and cell types play a role in that. For that, I do behavioral experiments involving different kind of learning, combined with optogenetics and in-vivo electrophysiology. In the talk and discussion, that I will give with my colleague Michela, we will both first present our projects and how we got there, and afterwards talk with you about how to find a PhD position that suits you best and where you hopefully enjoy working. We would like to do that as interactive as possible, so please be ready to ask us as many questions as you want. Looking forward to meeting you!"