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The student council


What is the student council?

The student council Neuroscience represents the interests of students of the Bachelor's and Master's program of Neuroscience at the University of Cologne. 

Our fields of activity are:

  • Mediation between professors/lecturers and students
  • Improvement of teaching
  • Commission's work
  • Organisation of social events (e.g. introductory event for firstsemesters, regulars table, summer festival, christmas party)

The ideas often come from the students, so we will try to put all the ideas you pass on to us into practice. 

Who is the student council?

Basically every student of the Neuroscience programs is part of the student council and can participate in the work of the student council. If you would like to support us, just participate in one of our student council meetings. The meetings take place at irregular intervals and are announced by mail or in the WhatsApp group before.